The Learning Cloud Library

The Learning Cloud holds a library of adapted classic stories known as ‘SmartReads’. These stories are shared in an accessible form and deliver an ‘enhanced’ experience with music and animation.

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Macbeth 2

Why the Classics?

A ‘classic’ story can be almost anything; features that classic stories have in common are the quality of their content and their continuing popularity. We reimagine classic stories and reinvent the characters in new ways. We explore and re-evaluate those themes and values.

Discover the World

Classics, by the nature of their variety, broaden a pupil’s understanding of the world. Experiencing different settings, cultures and characters helps pupils build cultural currency and helps them to engage with different aspects of the curriculum.

King Solomon's Mines1



Be Reinventive

Familiarity with well-known stories in different formats lets children really understand that story’s themes and content. They learn that the story has been played with in lots of different ways and so they can be encouraged to take those ideas and create something for themselves.

Corporeal Characters

Children naturally respond to complex characters. While many children’s stories fail to deliver ‘sparky’ characters, SmartReads stories introduce famous characters that stand out from the crowd even hundreds of years after they were first imagined. Pupils can expect to meet each character again in different stories, plays, tv programmes and films – all adding to an understanding of why that character grips the imagination.

A Christmas Carol 1